Few of our calligraphy courses between Jewish and Arab schools. Arab and Jewish students working with each other, creating art.

Bringing them together through art. Strengthening the peace and coexistence between Jews and Arabs.

At the end of the course, an exhibition is held to showcase the students works. Their parents are invited along with known people attending the exhibition.

God is love . . .
He who loves God loves his brother also. "
Who We Are

Keymedia Cultural & Art Center in Israel is a non-profit organization, established in 2010.

Our vision is to spread the love of God and reach people who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through our projects and use of art we bring the good news to all people.

Love God
Love People
Inspire Others
What We Do

In Keymedia, our goal is to bring the good news to all people. We use our projects and programs as a way to reach people.

By doing so, we achieve two things: The first, telling people about the love of God. The second, providing educational programs for people to be involved in.

We discovered through this work, by showing both the love of God and the love of your neighbour, that peace between people, especially Jews and Arabs is not only possible, but inevitable.

Some of our projects and programs
Preaching the Gospel
Art and calligraphy courses
Calligraphy courses between Jewish and Arab shcools
Art exhibitions
Welcoming local and international groups to our center
How You Can Help

Keymedia is a non-profit organization, relying on your support and donations.

By donating, you are supporting our work and enabling us to continue this mission.

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